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This new update literally sucks


@Bfoxxy wrote:

Is there a way to go back?  uninstall the update? I hate it!

You'd literally have to download it, and run the installer. Thus resetting your phone completely wiping your system... 


When I called Samsung they informed me there is no way to go back to the old software. They said even a factory reset on the device wouldn't do it.


It's just like installing any other operating system. Get the iso and run the installer pretty much. This will give you ALL the information you need. Though, as stated prior it will wipe out any and all contents on your phone so make a backup before hand.


I have always read these forums for real reviews about phones thats why i bought a s9+(wife) note 9 (me) about a month ago.But after the new update all i can think of is how much i miss my note 5 and my wife has listed her s9+ as she has gone and found a second hand s7 . Im looking for a note 5 or cough cough use my work iphone. We have had nothing but samsung phones and notes for a decade now and this is what is come to even a mate hates his note 8 and is selling it. So they updated smartthings and ruined it and internet made that suck and what is with that stupid bixby why cant i turn it off as in off off??. So i spent around $2500 for 2 phones plus she wanted the gear fit which updated not sure if its conected or not but it now randomly restarts and those wee wireless headphone bud things, and now we want rid of it all . Thanks samsung lots of years (and $$$) i gave you lot with tv's and whiteware plus a couple of laptops aswell and this is the thanks we get. Do samsung read these rants??

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I totally agree!!!!


If I wanted an iPhone I would have bought one.


They need to be able to revert back to the previous version 

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I agree. Most annoying for me is that I can no longer schedule a message. Ugggg why did they have to mess with all this stuff?! I hate the icons too.

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This is just worst of Samsung until the next big mess up software. Samsung please give up on software , this is what google does. I will pay extra for a Galaxy Note on stock android.
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I know right. The U.I was fine but they decided to "upgrade it", taking what was completely fine and making it look simplistic and  s h i t. Samsung Gallery was perfectly fine too, but for some reason the plebs at Samsung and/or Android decided to replace the crop tool (which was imperfect albeit decent) with *****ING STICKERS! STICKERS! Believe it or not Samsung but not everyone who uses gallery is a white teenage girl on bloody instagram! I just wanna make some *****ing memes but nooooooo stickers are worth removing the crop tool. *****ing *****s.


The battery drains even quicker. It's not Wii-u bad but where using soundcloud would put me at about 94%, I'm now at %76! What the actual *****? They made the U.I simplistic and ***** like IOS (something almost NOBODY was asking for), the battery life which was alright is now merely half-decent... Honestly with theese changes I feel like their making devices obselete earlier, that's something I would of expected from Apple, but not Android man! Their actually supposed to be good but apparently some pleb and Android and/or Samsung had to go and ***** it up by making it "modern" and "simplistic" (aka. A dog***** IOS wannabe, marginally better than the ***** show IOS is nowdays).


I hope they undo the U.I overhaul, but knowing if they have pi****ks dumb enough to give this update the green light that doesn't give me hope someone there will have common sense and just copy paste OREO (8.0) for us to re-download


I know I repeated myself, I'm just p****d off by the u.i,battery life and the priorities/incompetence of Samsung, or whoever's idea this was and whoever implemented it too. ***** this update tbh.

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I agree!!!!  WHY would they take so many things we love about our phone and remove them?  The one that p****s me off the most is you can no longer change your text screen.  Doesn't make any sense?!!!

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There are so many issues with this update. I cannot believe they would dare put this out.   Let's move the placement of controls in the apps so we can irritate every user who has ever used this product. Give the user ugly icons and non-function apps. Camera app sucks, messaging sucks, video play back sucks. Pretty much all the Samsung apps now are a piece of crud. Not worth it any more. After being a 'loyal' Samsung user, I amn seriously thinking of finding something else.  I could not in good faith recommend this phone to anyone now.  Samsung seems to love shooting themselves in the foot with fiascos and irritating as many people as possible. If so, they have really hit the mark this time. Let's ***** off hundreds of thousands people in one fell swoop.  I have never been so disgusted and irritated with a device as I am with this one.

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