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This new update literally sucks

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I agree so much... they should ask first or go back I'm legit very upset


@Jfkell05 wrote:

I have seriously started calling my  wife  10 times in the past 2 days.  So annoying, she annoyed by the new update too and she has an iPhone.  That's not good Samsung.

Same. My partner and I have argued as a result of this update. He has an iPhone and has never woken up to find his precious smartphone turned inside out while he slept. He can't comprehend such a vast and all-encompassing change as this one would be made without warning and be irrevocable. 


I'd been enjoying Samsung's superior performance over his iPhone in recent weeks. Now, despite having a phone 4 years newer than his, I'm having a far inferior experience. Worse even than the S5A I upgraded from last spring.

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I figured out the calling thing. Search your setting for "direct call" and turn it off. Haven't had an issue since. 

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Search your settings for "direct call" and shut it off. I haven't had the problem since. 

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I agree completely. My navigation bar won't hide it won't give me an option to it just gives me another option to slide it up. My icons look like a child's phone. I hate everything about this update! 

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Wtf, Samsung. This latest update is the worst. It ruined all my settings and most of the gestures I've been using since my galaxy 5 dont work anymore. I hate this and it makes me want to never get another Samsung phone. After 8 years of being loyal to the galaxy line. Why does it look  and feel like a trash iPhone!? It I wanted that I would have spent my month's savings on an actual iPhone. This pisses me off. Now I basically rage-quit my phone anytime I try to do anything. Change back the recent-app stacking... what it is now totally sucks! Why do all the system apps have a huge header on them now? What is even the point of that? It just makes it harder to use & takes more space that I could be seeing my messages. The settings say I should be swipe sideways to call, but is that a thing? No! My keyboard changed, I want the gifs on my message box, not stupid stickers. I can't add people to a new group en-mass, I have to go through all of them singularly & edit them seperate. Why did you make this trash 'update' & how do I get rid of it? There are so many things I hate about it, I literally dont have time or patience to write them all out... especially because now my autocorrect reset itself and my cursor keeps moving to the top of the page despite where I'm typing... like I said rage quit! This is so frustrating...  if it doesn't get fixed, I'm definately switching to a Google Pixel next year. This feels like such a betrayal of everything people used to love about your phones... now it's the worst phone experience I've ever had... Wtf Samsung?


Hi there you can make that bottom navigation disappear by switching off the navigation bar button.  It's there in the options when you pull down the top menu. 

Hi there you can make that bottom navigation disappear by switching off the navigation bar button. It's there in the options when you pull down the top menu.
I also miss the stacked view. And the phone looks really babyish now.
I agree about it looking childish
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