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This new update literally sucks

Good lock should be included with the update...
It did the trick for me on the split screens. I can easily scroll through all open apps and select for dpkut screens or pop-up windows. Works great. That should be the default. I'm surprised it isn't as it is a Samsung program
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I am someone who frequently uses snapchat to text people who dont have numbers and the problem with this new update to me is that the snapchat notification icon is no longer color oriented. Before this, texts icons were blue and snaps were red and videos were purple, now it's all gray and dull, can I change it back? Do I just need to change my theme?

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I dont like how they removed the hiding navigation bar with regular icons.

I dont like the fact they removed stacking apps which I found really useful before.

I dont like how the new notifications from snapchat which used to be color oriented for each type of message.

And I especially dont like the new giant look everything has.


I do like the new look of the camera but I think it has too many features to keep scrolling for what mode I want especially when trying to take a quick photo of something before it's gone using pro mode.

And that's what I have to say

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Is it me or is the new update like Apple iOS??? WTF Samsung ....who authorized this *****??


I hate how the icons and stuff are now huge and you cant reduce them 

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This new update is garbage. SAMSUNG you should be sooooo embarassed with yourselves. If i wanted an iPhone i would buy one, but i bought a samsung so i didnt have to be use a technology illiterate phone. Revert back to the good setup, please.

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I also think that this update was a million steps back. Hate navigatimg this ****! Magnifier no longer works just crashes. Can't shut down back ground apps as mentioned used to be abke to close the ones you wanted too now ut all ir none. Camera is a joke to try and figure out. Still waitimg to see what else this update screwed. Can you still buy the old UI Back?
Or are we permanently screwed. Samsung Reveiws raved about this Juvinile looking UI..... REALLY? Did they ask 5 year olds?


I dont think one adult would say this UI and operatimg changes are a improvement by any strech l would have begged them to fire the ass that made this.

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This update looks like it had a five year old user in mind. WTF is wrong Samsung I been loyal since the note 3 this is ridiculous. Who in their right mind thought this was acceptable.  iPhone here I come!!

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@Harley99 has expressed exactly what I was going to say on this forum  I NEVER go as far as voicing my opinion on forums such as this. But this new update has incensed me.  WHAT THE HELL IS SAMSUNG THINKING. 

Create another update where it allows you to choose between the old style and the new  

Samsung just lost me as a customer of four phones all for sale! As much as I hate iPhones I'm out!
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