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This new update literally sucks


Can you go back on ehe S8?

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Not unless you pay a shop to do it or jailbreak it.    


That's ridiculous!


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This update is incredibly bad. It looks cheaply made and I really hope they change it back to the original. Please do something about it. Makes me want to throw this phone away.

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Button Mapper, I have set up Bixby button:
- single press: Back
- double press: Google Assistant (in your face, Samsung - I hate your product more and more)
- long press: Flashlight

Check on Google Play

My Note9 just updated and it's horrible.

The split screen is terribly cumbersome. I can't close a window intuitively. Have to select in pop-up view, then look for the X. No other way to close an app that I can find. (Update: I can close an app by swiping up. )

Alternately, In trying to get a text code to access my banking app (which I had to re-authorize this device), I can't manage to get split screen so that I can copy the code. When re-selecting the bank app, it reloads, and locks me out. 

There might be some fine updates here, butbthe split screen management is not one of them. It is a big step backwards. Horrible. 

I have more complaints, but I'll stop here. 


One of the biggest issues is the screen space is actually smaller. I have an s+ and now have black bars top and bottom. The new swiping system works sporadically. Trying to change between open apps is now difficult, I used to be able to see all open apps now I have to scroll. If I wanted an iPhone interface I would have bought an iPhone. This will probably be my last Samsung. 

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And the awful landscape button that appears at the bottom right which I cant seem to turn off


The update looks like some crappy windows phone. Samsung, can you ussue another update with the option to revert back to the previous one. That was the reason I chose S9. Looked sleek and impressive. Now looks like a Nokia windows phone.

I found a way to switch back to the old screen format with the smaller icons again. Let me know if you want to know how?

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