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This new update literally sucks

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Everything is so cartoonist. The functions are so messed up.
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I can't agree more. I've exclusively used Samsung products for several years now but this update makes me want to never buy a Samsung again. Why do I spend $1000 on a phone if they are going to make it operate and look like a $40 galaxy-j. FIX IT!

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Right I mine as well get an iPhone 🤬

I can understand everyone hating on the new update. But the Samsung skin over stock android had not really evolved from the Galaxy S2
No one likes change I just got the update this week. I had to put a lot of work into getting it back to the set up I liked. Alot of things needed permission set-up again. Accounts and sync. I do miss a couple of things but once I got my S8 running back to how I had it before I don't mind the new "one UI"
Rooting a phone is down to preference but I have not rooted my phone in a few years now as I have not needed to.
A warning if you root a Samsung and trip KNOX you can not reset the efuse. Banking and NFC payment options stop working. Unless you need something specific which requires root then be careful.
You can just get a launcher and revert to the old style UI
I not saying people are wrong to be annoyed but give it a try.
The guy with the calling issues turn off the setting that calls and answers by lifting the phone to your ear
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This update ruins so many good things about the phone. The most disappointing is how they destroyed the camera tools. The editor is completely gutted. I should be able to swipe my already taken pictures and apply the filters like before and I can't. When I apply a filter there's no longer the means to decide what degree I want to apply it, it's either on or off. And finding the cool background blur feature takes forever now. This is what happens when you put a bunch of 20 year olds in charge of a product. We don't want the Fisher-Price phone, we would have bought an iPhone if that were the case. I don't like how you moved everything around on the alarms page. It gives no new functionality. It's like some team had no ideas and wanted to feel relevant. Don't make changes unless they add new functionality or improve on something that was clunky. Just moving stuff around is Dopey. The new badges, or whatever they're calling it is completely annoying. I don't need to manage further whether I want to see a notification. Stop treating me like a child.


I hate the white balance slider on the new UI. How am I supposed to take consistent photos now? 


Also the blur on selective focus is way over the top. Previously it was subtle enough to look natural. It now looks forced.


Don't get me started on the auto HDR. Everything is horribly over saturated.

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I agree 100% hope samsung will notice and set it back!

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You're right the new update looks terrible and the design looks like something a kid has made. It looks horrible and not something I'm happy about paying for. All of my settings have changed and I've spent the past hour just trying to get it to be semi passable. As for the theme itself it loons fine if they're trying an over 50's/kids friendly theme but I don't see why that can't be an option in settings and whilst there are themes you can change it to on samsung all of the options there are somehow worse.

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Agreed, looks like an iphone. Horrible. Selling my S8+ asap before it looses all value.  Looks like a kids phone hate everything about it. And here Kenneth my Samsung love affair. Last 6 phones were all Samsung. Get my new razor 2 to me asap.

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This update is very bad. I'll never buy Samsung again. It can't find applications in menu search! U can not hide navigation bar with on touch and so many other bugs.

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