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This new update is driving me crazy.

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Im about to throw away my phone and sell the case and the pen on ebay after this last update. I cannot find multi window or auto rotate in the swipe down or in any settings. This is genuinely the first time ive been dissappointed in my samsung phone. The s8+ was great and the Note 9 was flawless up to this point. Seems it also cannot be reverted, so someone please use this post to teach me and countless others how to actually use our phone again. Thanks.

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Superuser I

Multi window.


Open your pressing the 3 lines icon in your navigation bar.


Tap on the app icon on the top of the card. 

If split view is compatible it'll react. 


Auto Rotate. 


Pull down your notification shade from the top to fully show your toggles..


Press the 3 little dots in the right hand corner and choose button order. 



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