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The last 2 or 3 updates have just done it for me. Switching to IOS.


I was pretty excited to finally have a decent and updated phone when I got the S9 in September 2018. And it was great at first...maybe a factory reset would even help. But these updates have gone from bad to worse. The icons changed and are not as attractive.  The clock is on the left instead of the right. The selfie camera cuts off my head unless I click 2 person mode every single time I open the camera. The phone randomly calls people when I close their text messages. Etc etc etc. I am just over Samsung at this point. Oh and what's the point of a waterproof phone if you have to wait hours and hours for the charger port to dry before charging?? My next phone will be an Apple, I hate to say. Does anyone know if a factory reset would make it back like when I first bought it?


No a reset won't do it, you'd have to manually reinstall oreo but depending on your build number you might not be able to any more. 


You can change clock position with good lock, get it from the galaxy app store.


The randomly calling people is a setting but I can't remember where off hand, I reinstalled oreo a while ago so can't check the setting. Something to do with direct calling or that. 


But, I think samsung maybe realise Android 9 is bad, I've read that Android 10 isn't very far away. 

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