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The build quality of the S9+

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So my One week old S9+ fell in the vehicle and as I opened the door to retrive it the horror story starts. It fell out the door on to the road. Two cars then ran over my phone. Not one but two. Almost crying i just stood there. I picked it up, the back glass and camera lense protector is smashed to pieces. The metal chasi has dents. I could not believe it but the screen is in tack, not a scratch. Further more the phone is totaly still working. WOW. Even the camera takes photos. WOW.  I think samsung should document this, amazing build quality for a brilliant phone. i am about to put the phone into a service center for a full rehall any advice there? I write this from the same s9+ put through all that trauma. 


ChrisM Moderator

Hi @BassPrince.


That really is amazing! Thanks for sharing with us. You can visit your nearest Service Centre here.

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