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Terrible New Samsung Update

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Now, I  know there might be some people out there that are riveted by this new update and how it has changed just about everything.  However, I am not part of that group and am sour towards the update.  My biggest issue is with the Message application.  Before the update, I was able to customize my text messages.  By that I mean I was able to add a background to the conversations I had going on with other contacts.  Why is this important to me?  Because I am one of the individuals who has painfully sensitive eyes.  Before the update, I had my text messsage set with a dark background, a night sky, because that is the only thing my eyes could handle.  I have searched my entire phone and I cannot find a way to do this after the new update.  I am stuck with the all white background for everyone coupled with the bright teal text bubbles.  It is quite literally, painful for me to use the Message app. The white is too intense for my eyes.  Yes I can just dim my birghtness if I so need it, but then I cannot see anything else on my phone.  Sure I can just get a whole new phone and toss away the Samsung, but money is not a leisure I have. I hope everyone else's suggestions get listened to, and I really hope I can customize my text messages again because it is ridiculous that I can't; especially with my eye sensitivity. 

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Have you tried other text messaging apps apart from the stock Samsung one @QueenAlexandra 


Textra as one example.


Also a 3rd party launcher such as Nova Prime may hold further customisation options. 



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This new update has ruined everything i use. When playing a game i get an ad, and i have the instinct to spam the back button, but everytime i click it, it drops down and clicks the ad. Now ik i can fix that problem through myself, but when j watch a show on google, the navigation bar stays up. So im stuck with my screen being bright white, while trying to focus on a show.

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You can change the theme to dark. Might help for you. 


Search to change wallpaper and it will show you theme click on it and you can choose witch theme you want. 

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Go to settings and do a search for the word dark. An option in Messaging to turn it to dark mode should appear. 


However, at first I couldn't turn it on because the update made it so another theme was automatically installed. You have to turn that theme off to use dark mode in Messaging for some reason.


In order to do this, you might have to do something called "reset to default theme settings". For some reason, I could not get my phone to turn off that theme. So, I had to reset to default settings.


I hope this all helps! I was really upset about the same exact thing!  Even still, I still like messaging in the old dark mode better. You'reforced to use colors here. They're pretty, but not as easy on your eyes.


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Yes, I hate it too - hope they not making the smae mistake blackberry did years ago

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Try the system wide night mode... It made my text all dark
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Sadnesd and disappointment!! I have never been sad about anything Samsung until now!! I am very faithful to this company, but this update messing with my freedom to customize is all bad!!! If I want my phone to look basic like an iPhone, I would get an iPhone ... I am not happy!! How do I un'update, this basic mess?? 😣😣

I agree!

Why is Samsung not responding to any of these complaints? Do they not care?

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