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System Greeting on voicemail


Is it possible to change the System Greeting that I recorded on my  Voicemail.   It seems impossible to delete the first one I have recorded.    I would prefer not to have a recorded message at all.?  When I first got my phone I foolishly recorded m y name.


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Superuser I
Superuser I

As far as I'm aware this is an option supplied by your network @Gus2000 


If you go onto their help pages you should find advice on any particular voicemail recording greetings they offer. 



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Thanks for the reply,   I mean when you are prompted to record your name in the voicemail  for the system greeting.   I think a factory reset is the only way to erase it from the system completely.  





DannyT Moderator
Hi @Gus2000,

You should be able to call your Voicemail number, and either record a new message, or remove your old message completely. If you're having any issues this we'd advise calling your network provider, as the message will be stored with the Voicemail settings and not on the phone directly.

Hope this helps!


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