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Swipe to call or message feature not working

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It took me like 4 Google searches to finally find out about this issue that it was on purpose by Samsung. unacceptable.  Updates are supposed to be Phone features better not worse


I agree. A shame Samsung removed this nice feature 

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What happened Samsung?!  In a world.....where everything should be ease of use on the highway.  Samsung drops the ball with being unable to swipe to text or call from their message app.  Google drops the ball on their GPS app since you have to touch your phone 3 times to navigate.  Does Samsung ever reply to issues on this site?  That would be fanfrickentastic!

Any solutions for the swipe to call thing yet?  



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So I've just migrated to an S9 (from S3 to S5 to S8) ... and I'm trying to find why I can't swipe to call from within my Messaging App ... and see this bad news. 

SAMSUNG ... please communicate with the team responsible for the Messaging App and have this feature returned.  It operates in other sections/apps of my Android so why no longer in this App.  It is in fact one of the most convenient features.   

Options here?  Delete the App and install an older version ... or go to Play Store and find a NON-SAMSUNG app that will work for messaging (you could even dump it all together and run with FB Messenger which is keen as hell to take over our OS universe).

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I don't understand why this isn't fixed yet.  It was such a usefull feature.  Samsung, please fix!


This was my favorite feature on my S6 and S8. Now I have to S10+ and I am sad and disappointed. 

I didn't realize others didnt like this. I used it to make all my phone calls. :( 

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No, that is an awful answer. Go back to the way it was. Just updated Note 8 and it went away. Hate it !

I know! What the heck did they do to the messaging app. They took away some great features. WHY?! Can't make your own background any longer and can't swipe right to call! I used that feature all the time. How can you take something away that you get used to and makes life easy!! Please bring it back!!!
No! Because that takes 3 steps. You first have to click on specific person's message, then click on phone icon and then click on the call button. Crazy! Please bring that feature back!! Swipe right to call!!

Most people like it and find this feature useful. Now, Samsung removed it but introduced one with the S10 family called direction lock in which you can set up 6 F****ing swipes in any direction on the screen to unlock your phone, REALLY?!! In a world where people want to unlock phones as fast as possible Samsung introduced this stupid feature and removed one far more useful which only requires just a single swipe, UNBELIEVABLE!!

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