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Swipe to call or message feature not working


I just upgraded to the S9 and I am trying to make a call from the messages like I could on s7 by simply swiping right to call or left to text. The feature is still found in settings/Advanced features and I have it enabled but it is not working when I swipe. Is anyone else having this same issue? 


I really liked this feature and hope it was not taken away like being able to change the the text background. 








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I have the same issue and have been doing research on it for a little while now. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that it is no longer an available feature. The setting you have turned on is to swipe for call or text from the Phone or Contacts applications, NOT the Messages app. Super unfortunate because now it takes like 3 extra steps to call someone because even if you go to the text thread and tap the phone icon at the top, it just pulls up their number in the dialer and you then have to hit the answer / green phone / accept button to make the call, when before you could just swipe and be calling them.
I can understand some people not liking it as they would accidentally call people while scrolling though their text thread, but at the same point, why not just make it a option like they ALMOST did with the setting you mentioned? I mean, what gives?! That was one of my favorite features of my S7.

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I just upgraded myself from an S7 to an S9+ and this is by far the ability I miss the most.

Just open up messages and swipe right to call was so easy if you needed too.

Now it feels so clunky.


In the text reading screen, there is a phone icon at the top of the screen that you can use to call the person whose text conversation you have open at the time.

Does this help?

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Same issue here and I used it all the time on my S5. No answers yet??

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That is weird as I also own an s9 yet I can still swipe for messages and calls🤔

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I can as well, but only from the phone app, not the messages app like I used to with my S7. Can you do it from the messages app?

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Not yet.
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Yes and no. Tapping on that just pulls their number up in the phone app which I then have to tap the green phone button (typically the pick up / answer button) to actually start placing the call.
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I am unfortunately having the same issue. Like some said, I don't think the feature is available anymore. I plan on sending a message to a chat specialist about it to see. I really hope it isn't gone, but I love the idea of it being an option you can turn on or off. 

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