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Stories in gallery

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I have an s9

When creating a story in gallery,

for example pics of my daughter from birth til now, if I pick say 30 pictures progressing with her age, when I watch it back it's took out random photos and starts at a different pic that I had choose.

Also cuts most of her face off as th story runs and switches to different pics ?

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Hi, i have recently purchased the s9+ and i am having the same problem, does anybody have a solution to this?

Many thanks 

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I have aksi the sane problem. Help please.
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I figured out you can order stories and add back the pictures the app took out.  While playing the preview of the story, tap on the far right icon.  It looks like a piece of film with the play button in the middle.  That shows the individual frames.  Pause the playback in this mode.  You can re-arrange them to your desired order by selecting and dragging the picture.  If you tap the plus sign above the pictures you can add back the dropped frames.  Hope this helps.

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I didn't figure out how to fix the cropping issue though.  The only possible solution would be to pre-crop the photos but what I've seen is that the pictures are automatically cropped so the app has room to make the moving pictures.

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