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Still didnt get android pie update

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Trust me... You don't want this garbage update. Useful features removed, requires more motions to do simple tasks, hard to see interface text on some screens, looks like a toy for a toddler (big bubbly space wasting icons, less user control or customizable features. Task manager is no longer a stacked deck of easily selectable apps, but now individual side by side cards. It's a terrible mess.
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I haven't gotten the update either as of April 25th 2019 I have SM-G960F


11 may 2019, I'm still on Android 8.0.0 and December 2018 patch! S9+ carrier free.

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It's friggin May already and I still dont have my update. What is happening, my friend's s8 and note 8 already had the update since January!

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Its much worse than what I have right now, mine is still running last year's OS on its first release! And it won't update!

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Same for me to im using g965f  security patch july 1  2018 ...its frustating i dont get the updates

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Guys do anyone knw what is the root cause is there any samsubg user using model g965f d/s who still never gets pie device software still running last year software on first release

Hello! I have A6+ SM-A605FN And i still did not get an an update for Android 9.0 while my other friends got it back in April,is there any solution?
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ine still running Mai 1st 2018 security update LOL (tried every thing still stuck on android 8)


If you bought the phone in another country it might not update. 


Another thing is your network provider might not have released the update yet. I read recently that t mobile was holding off for instance. Don't know why but you should ask your provider just in case.

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