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Sreen recording with new update

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I have updated my phone just a few days ago with the new update I do really like it but there's an issue for me. I am unable to now change it to game mode and screen record on some apps. I looked and looked everywhere to see how I can screen record but I was unable to find it. Can somebody help me or know how I can screen record? If not I would like to uninstall the update but I don't know if that's an option either.

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I have the same problem and I'm getting really tired of your ***** Samsung. No wonder why iPhone is so much better than you, they work hard to satisfy the costumers needs, you just seem to not give a *****.

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YES you can! I was having the same problem and was so frustrated but discovered you can do it manually via game launcher. For some reason Samsung hides the feature? but  I followed this youtube video below and found it (You might have to play around a little bit but it works!!)

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