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Sound Notifications Won't Stop

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This only started 2 days ago  but it is infuriating and making me consider a factory reset. Regardless on whether silent, vibrate or sound notifications is selected, a notification chime will always play when a notification comes through. This also bypasses do not disturb mode, making me even more confused. Very likely a glitch and interrupts all videos and such making it extremely annoying, and cannot find any other examples of this online either. Please tell me if i am being stupid to fix this.

Samsung S9 running newest OS
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As of right now, I fixed it by resetting all app permissions, but it is not fixed well as the problem continues when restarting, with wired or Bluetooth headphones. Do not mark this as a fix as it is not, and I'm still searching for a way to fix this. Please help.
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nevermind it didnt fix anything, resorted to manually silencing all notifications :/
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I'm having the same issue. It's infuriating.


Temporary solution is to disable the "Google" app completely. This affects Google Assistant but will stop the constant notifications.


EDIT: Disabling Google in Notification Access also fixes the issue.

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