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Smart lock not working!


This is not a small thing. I work from home, it's extremely annoying.


I've had the same issue on my previous note phone, so no, it's not a rare issue  


You should do an error report for Samsung. Or as mentioned, take it to a Samsung Experience Store, if you have one.



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Having the same issue here with my S9+.

My girlfriend also has the issue on her S9.


Weird. Maybe it's regional or a bad batch.


I'm the UK and works fine.


Oh, there was an update the other day. August security update amongst improvements (not listed)


If you uninstall samsung pay app from your phone, smart lock will work after reboot. Samsung pay seems to disable smart lock for added security. If you use samsung pay you will have to live with the intermitten problems with smart lock. It's only pay app you need to uninstall.



I don't have Samsung Pay installed, and my Smart Lock does not work, AND I have just received it back from Samsung repairs... they have not fixed it at all, same problem, just wasted my time. I will send it in again. I have a spare phone, I will keep sending it until they fix the problem...




I have sent it in to Samsung to repair, got it back this afternoon, just restored my apps and Smart Lock is still not working.



I've managed to resolve the problem on my S8. It ended up being that I had more that one device using my Google account, and all of them updated the location. I'm sharing this link. Hopefully it can help someone else as it helped me.




This worked for me 😀
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