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Single tap to answer

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Still does nothing. Very bad for disabled to not be able to just tap to answer.  I'm not disabled but still cannot answer with that crappy swipe button. Guess I'll have to go with another companies phone if this doesn't get fixed

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But now you have that stupid assistant menu....

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Yes the menu is annoying and unnecessary
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Settings -> Accessibility -> Interaction and dexterity  -> Assistant menu -> Single tap to swipe [on]  and if don't like the assistant menu you can tap and hold on it then swipe it to the top where a hide button pops up. Moreover Samsung must give us the choice of getting rid of the notification of activating this feature. And the call recording must be back too, some people may be buy you products for that features so you you remove them after a while?!

Who the ***** let this software be released? It's absolutely *****, camera software is the worst ever, little features that made my phone pleasant to use have been removed. Really really pissed off with my phone now and I guess Samsung won't fix any of it as the s10 is priority.


Will definitely be taking this ***** in to consideration when I get my phone upgrade. 

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Thank you...this was most helpful 

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Can you turn on this single tap to swipe feature on a Samsung Galaxy A30 mobile phone or only on selected phone models?

Yes should be more like iphone in that way tap answer no swyping 


Thanks for that! I've just spent two days not being able to answer calls because 'silly' Samsung didn't feel it fit to explain.  Same with wake up alarm I imagine when I've not been able to turn the thing off apart from cancelling the alarm. Not good first impressions of Android from iPhone. Thank you for stepping in...

It's a solution...but it's not the answer. Surely this is an iPhone type trick, i.e. taking away users' choices. I left iPhone slavery for the freedom to choose and I've been happy with Samsung for a long time, but in my relationship with my phone I must be the master, that is not the role of the device!!
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