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Screen durability


Have to say that I have been disappointed with the screen of my S9. I have looked after it with a case and made sure that it has no scratches. So far after 7 days it has 3 scratches and chips on the screen. I expect the durability to be better. 

Any body else think that their screen is easily been scratched 


I have an S9, also a week old with the screen unprotected and have to say that I do take great care of my phones, the screen is absolutely mint so far, much like it is on my S7 EDGE.

I find it odd that you even have chips on the screen. You must be doing something wrong with it!


I have thought 

and thought how the heck have I got these chips and scratches. 1 maybe but I have 6 so far. I have been absolute 100% careful whether it's in my pocket or not. I have never used a protector but now I ordered one 


Chips on the screen, you must have dropped it or banged it really hard off something. I seen one youtube video and the guy dropped a hammer onto it a few times each getting higher and it took a good distance in height till it finally damaged the screen


I have said twice now that I have wrapped it cotton wool, I have had it 7 days and protecting it very much as I always have. 

If I have had dropped it I would not be posting on this community 



My S9 Coral Blue is a year old tomorrow. Absolute mint condition. No problems with the glass whatsoever.

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