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Samsung x Fortnite Glow skin

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Hi there so everywhere I have looked states that the Glow Skin will be available for select Samsung Galaxy devices from 27th September 2019.


I have the Samsung Galaxy S9 which is on the qualifying devices list.


I cannot find the glow skin anywhere. I have launched the game from the Galaxy game Launcher and the Galaxy Store. No Glow skin is to be seen anywhere. 


Some people have said to make sure Android or Galaxy is selected as the store via the Fortnite Settings and Content page, yet I cannot see an option to select a different store in these options. 


Any ideas? 

Superuser I
Superuser I
You have to:
•register Credit Card in Galaxy Store
•go into Fortnite Gallery
•Select Glow skin
•tap on buy
•now you can see it in your skin gallery

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