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Samsung s9 calendar birthday notification


Hi. I'm using S9 right now and before I had an S7 edge. With the new phone same like the old one I was never able to get notifications for contacts birthdays i have in phone calendar. I find this issue very strange and annoying because i don't have facebook and the olny way to check is by opening the calendar app. The only good thing i have noticed on S9 is that Bixby it's showing the birthday events but still no notification or alarm. I wanted to ask if anybody knows how to fix this issue without install any other app. Thanks

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I have exactly the same issue and it's very strange ! 
Would someone please just clarify things on this ?!


Same with my j4plus.

on my S9 I also have no notification from the calendar...

I fixed the calendar problem by install google calendar. In google calendar you can edit the notification for birthdays and once the alarm is set it will update the samsung calendar too. Funny thing now.... i get notifications from borh calendar apps.

I have already installed google calendar but this didn't help in my case :(

If you have the birthday date stored in your contacts, when you open google calendar you should see the dates. Select the date/name birthday and press edit and you will get the option to set a notification. By default the notification is off

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