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Samsung s9+ animated themes not working after oreo update.


My theme isn't working properly after the update this morning (Feb 2019)  The font and background are completely white. It was an animated theme  I reapplied it, but didn't correct it. I have restarted. When I click on the theme I get an error code that says it's unavailable try again later. Will this be fixed? I paid for it and love it.. I don't want another one . I am so frustrated.. Anyone had this issue with a theme before ? Is it the programmer gone or a Samsung issue?


I am beyond pissed. Feb 4 2019 update made all my purchases themes incompatible. When I download a theme.  Only fonts and wallpaper change.  The rest stays white.  I purchased over 70n themes that I can't use now. Where the ***** my refund. Stupid asses


Yes!!! Exactly what happened to me. I contacted Sprint regarding the theme now not being compatible and now I have white background for my conversation lists, white background when looking at my settings.. It's hard to see and not how I am comfortable using it.. They had no solution.. The techs never have any solutions  nor seem to have any idea what is going on., except to tell me to restart,, reapply the default then reapply the theme. I KNOW THAT and I am not a tech ! My theme was a paid for one also.. So frustrating . 


If you buy a new theme. It works on everything except email stays white page.  But funny thing is.  Every theme I've bought (and there are alot of them) they are not in the theme store at all. Like if wanted to buy it again or update it. Its like they removed them from me. This the kind of ***** that made me leave ***** apple. Only reason I'm here is I have no other choices.  And you all *****-ing know thay.  Don't ya?

Oh and it's not just animated themes. It EVERY THEME.
Believe me, you will be getting a bad review every time

Yes, you are EXACTLY right  I tried a new theme and it does work. But  I am not happy with any of the new ones like my old theme  I bet you're right  They wanted to force us to buy new ones. All my old ones are no longer available either ! Sneaky.... Not cool at all..

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Add another one to the list.

Messages, phone, contacts, etc all have a white background. The text is super light colored. Thank god I have good eyesight. If not then these would be ***** near impossible to read.


That's my problem and why I have an android. I'm a Disabled Veteran with eye disease I got from tear gas poisoning. White kills my eyes. I have it set so not so bright. But still bad. I bought a new theme and it works for everything except email. I thought about getting go launcher or another launcher from play store. But I hate changing this system launcher.  Total Jerks

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since purchase of my s9+ no matter what fix I've tried mine has never worked....
~so I can relate to the feeling ~

No theme, no quick menu, no split screen,  no contacts!! I have a expensive PIEce of *****.

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