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Samsung s9 android Pie Update Problems


@WonderfullyMade wrote:

This is really irritating. So many things going wrong with my S9+ since the update. I get a pop up every few mins saying "Setting Stopped working" The battery that customarily lasts me from 12 to 14 hours, is draining in 4... wtf? Um also getting all kinds of apps just bug out or freeze including the screen. This update has been but a headache and I can't find a way to uninstall it. 


Someone suggested here factory resetting the phone, so I also fid that with no good outcome. Still the same issues. Samsung needs to release a patch ASAP, I'm about to smash this phone out of frustration


Check the battery to see what apps have been using the most, could be a rogue app causing the problems. 

Samsung appears to be doing a right good job moving the market away from their own products themselves.
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As mentioned in my previous post clearing the Cache Partition fixed all the problems I was having after the update.

See the section under the heading  "Clear the cache partition".


It has been over a week since I cleared the partition and the phone has been working like it did when new. I am no longer having app update issues and the Bluetooth is working as expected.


Just follow the instructions on the page - it does not take long.

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I'm not having an update problem. The phone updated and that's the problem. Since it installed all I get is pop up screens with errors. The battery lost about 10 hrs of charge going from lasting 12 to 14 hours to draining in 4. Apps constantly crash and even the screen freezes constantly. 


I still ran the wipe cache partition and as soon as it rebooted,  a popup came up with "Settings App Keeps Crashing" 🤦‍♀️


Took me about 8 hours but was able to get back my OREO using odin and the sammobile flash files. Most of my settings gone but was able to save my data.. Amazing thing is it's like a new phone, fast, and the firmware on the sammobile site was a better version of oreo somehow I'm getting all these new cool options I didn't even know about!

I swear, downgrading to OREO is like actually upgrading the phone! I have a note 8 korean KT Emperor Edition 256GB internal.


It's good ain't it? 


I got the updates for pie plus patches but then reinstalled oreo, updated again a bit later because I like to be sure and give these things a proper go. After that I knew for sure I much preferred oreo so once again reinstalled it. Happy days.


Don't forget to turn off auto update in developer settings 

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