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Samsung messages - chat features not working


Wrong. It works fine on the A6. Please give me a straight answer. 

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I've got a Samsung Galaxy s8 and my chat isnt working in the Samsung messages app either 

Hi, I've been onto Samsung support was was told chat messaging is being phased out and replace with sms/mms- disaster of a decision and so backward, while we all know eventually sms & 2g will be gone soon, already gone in Australia I think.

20190716_143747.jpgGot this from Samsung, 9.0 software does now support Chat Messaging - crazy stuff

I mean does NOT support chat 😁


Hi Nick, 

Have you had any success with this? Just off of chat with samsung help. Honestly, they seem not to have a clue. He told me chat message not on samsung phone, but I also have a samsung a5 and its working but not on my new a50. Very annoying. 


Hope we get sorted. 





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