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Samsung, bring back the Dual Camera mode!

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This mode is the only reason I was sticking to your brand, since no other phone or app had that feature. Shooting videos simultanioslewith the front and back cameras. Please, bring it back. 


For those of you how didn't know about it here is and example: youtube

I must agree with you Please bring back the dual camera mode. One of most productive and fascinating mode.
Incredible. Samsung delete this incredible mode and keep others useless, "shoot food mode" 😳...😑.. absurd
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I love and use this function all the time on my Galaxy S5. If this has been removed for Galaxy S9 then it might be enough to avoid purchasing it since I utilize this function for vlogs.


That was one of my favourites on my s6! Miss that feature for sure

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This was a difference maker. I have several friends who have 'I' products and I could always say your phone can't do this Dual Camera feature. My wife and I were in Europe and folks kept asking do you need us to take your picture? Nope we have a Samsung that has Dual Camera option, wow that's cool I may look at a Samsung because of that feature they would say. I am so DISAPPOINTED that it's been removed, no dual camera and if there's ever no SD card I may as well go to , 'I' , my wife and I. We already have Mac, MacBook, iPad mini. I love my note 8, SD, Stylus and YES the Dual camera. PLEASE bring it back, we need a software update. So my 'I' friends stop teasing me because it's no longer available. I could go on about how much it's missed and I hope you are still reading. πŸ˜‚ Did I miss how much I miss the Dual Camera. W.M.

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Yea it's official, I've literally been looking into buying the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ instead of the S9 or S10 with this in mind. Even though there were deals on Prime Day, ughhh. I mean if there really is a third party program that lets it work on the newer Android Pie that's works well and doesnt heat up the phone, I'm down. Otherwise, WTB S8 Galaxy must have Oreo or lower!

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Yes I totally agree, SAMSUNG, PLEASE, bring back the dual camera mode on ALL your Galaxy flagship phone. I still have it on my S7 and I love it. But my Note 9 does NOT. 😬😀
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