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I am so angry that samsung have managed to make my phone (s9) go from a product I'm happy with to something I dislike using. It is just little things, like the navigation bar, what was perfectly fine has been changed to something that is analogous to someone scrapping their nails down a chalk board. Then the Bixby button has been designed so that it cannot be turned off, what I dislike most about this is the clear manipulation in trying to force customers into using Bixby by changing it so it can't turn off. This move by Samsung is like something Apple would do, we don't like Bixby, we don't want it so don't make us have a function we don't use. I could go on and complain about design and layout but why bother. If the UI on this doesn't go back to being as good as it was then I will not be a Samsung customer for much longer. 

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Superuser I

My advice is to send feedback via the Samsung Members App so it gets to the relevant Department and they can take onboard your opinions @Mar1066 



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