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Samsung Trade in Offer


How do I send my old phone I've traded in to Samsung? Do I just put it in the box the s9+ came in and put the sticky label on the box and take to a DPD pick up shop? Thanks  


Not done it myself but looked into it before I bought mibe from a shop but I believe they give you an address to send it back to within 9 days. Make sure you put your info with it and  your s9 order number so they know exactly who you are and wont charge you more as they may think you havnt sent it back 

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I never got any address in the box to send it back to?


I believe its in the T&C's where to send it back


Maybe call them for the address CALL

0330 SAMSUNG (726 7864)

Monday to Friday | 8am to 8pm

Saturday | 9am to 6pm

Sunday | Closed

B2B Support | Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm


Thanks nially , spoke to Samsung and apparently a couple of days after receiving the new phone we will receive a pack to send trade in phone off to them 

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