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Samsung Switch program

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I recently went for the switch program deal, send in my S6 edge get £150 knocked off the price of a new S9.

Not a bad deal so I thought lets go for it.

Today I got an email saying problem with my switch, the glass lens covering the camera was missing so they now want £75 to proceed. 

WHAT!!!! so they get my phone for £75 instead of £150 as i have to pay £75 for a bit of glass I can get off ebay for £2.50.


So I have asked for my old phone back as it was perfect apart from the lens cover falling out, an to top it all its still under warrany for another 2 months. How do I cancel this S9 deal with Close Brothers finance and return the S9?

CarlH Moderator

Hey @DarrenR


We're sorry to hear you feel this way, however, as stated in the Terms and Conditions (P3), if your existing handset does not meet the minimum requirements, there is a £75 charge:


In the current condition you've described, it would be out of warranty due to the cosmetic damage. We recommend speaking the our Online Shop Team for more information on 03307 267 467.

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£75 for something that would cost less than £3 to repair is excessive would you not agree?

Regardless I have now returned the S9 canceled the entire contract and will be getting my S6 back.

Which even when I told tech support the glass was missing it is still covered under warranty as it is classed as manufacture defect not damage. There is not a single mark on my old phone but this has made me re think my support for Samsung.

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