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Samsung S9 stopped working

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Hi all! I started using my new Samsung S9 three days ago and after trying to use the voice assistant the cellphone never worked again properly! I thought that switching off would solve the problem but now I can’t even dial my pin code. Did anyone had the same problem? What should I do? I already switched off more than 5 times and the problem continues the same! To be even worst I am outside my country for a 3 week vacation and I don’t have cellphone!

Thank you!

MartaC Moderator

Hello @Franciscobaz,


In order to switch off Voice Assistant, you have to turn on your Samsung Galaxy S9 and click two times in each number to insert your pin code. After that, you should go to Settings > Accessibility (you will need to use two fingers to scroll down and select this option) > Vision > Voice Assistant. You can do that by double clicking each option, in the end you will be able to switch off the Voice Assistant and use your smartphone without any limitation.

If you have any doubt about this process, we invite you to contact our customer care team in the country you are passing your holidays. 


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