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Samsung S9+ screen flickering issues - Yaswanth

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I updated my S9 plus on June 1st 2019. 

Past 20 days onwards Iam facing screen flickering issues in my S9 plus.

Is this issue due to the software update or due to any hardware issues ?

Is anyone facing same kind of issues after the update ?

CarlH Moderator

Hi @nuvvula551. Does this flickering happen constantly or when using a particular app or feature of the phone? If it's always active, can you run a Hardware Test and see if it still occurs? To do this, dial *#0*# and select all of the colours that you see displayed. Does the screen flickering happen during the test? 

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Thanks for your reply.

I performed the hardware test as mentioned by dialing *#0*# and select all of the colours.

During this test I didnt face any flickering issues.

I faced this flickering issues while receiving calls and whenever pressed the power button to make screen on.

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Iam not facing this flickering issue constantly.

Facing this issue some times at the time of receiving calls and when i pressed power button to make screen this..

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