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Samsung S9 plus Gallery app is not updating plus Watch issue.

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Some of the pictures in my gallery is unable to transfer to my Galaxy Watch, this message appears, "the item you are trying to share contains no data or does not exist in your phone". 


Also the Gallery App is not updating, the message says the app is no longer available. 


Using S9+ with Pie update and its latest version. It is very frustrating for me any help or insight that could solve this issue? 

AndrewL Moderator
@Faizan71: Do you have your phone set up to save images to an SD card as standard? Similarly do you have a Samsung Cloud account that you regularly use to back up your images? If the latter is applicable it may be the case that some of your images have been deleted from the phone but the thumbnails are representative of your backup, which is why it can't be copied across.
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my Galaxy S9+ comes up with "update"  on the gallery icon,, when i hit to update, it tells me this app is no longer available??

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I have the exact same problems with ne S9: when i hit to update, it tells me this app is no longer available

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I made like this (dont know how it is in english):
I go to > Galaxy Store app > ...> My Site > Updates > here update start without any problems
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My phone won't let me do my update on my gallery 


I have the same problem and have tried everything except for formatting my tablet to see if it then updates as it used too. 

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Worked for me
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