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Samsung S9 Overheating

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This is a brand new Samsung S9. It is constantly overheating.


Any suggestions on how I can get Samsung to look at it ?



DannyT Moderator
Hi there, @BengaliSama.

Could we just grab a little more info on this? Do you have a case on your phone? Is your phone lying in direct sunlight? How often is this happening? Does it only happen when watching YouTube?

Make sure you follow the steps in this guide for help with your battery:


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The same has happened to me, its very often, if im using facebook the same thing pops up, and im always indoor when it happens, and happens morr at night which there is no possible way it is recieving direct sun light cause its night time and i am indoor

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Superuser I

Heya @Malamborp,

Might I ask a few odd questions:
Can you look at what apps are open (And please post a screenshot):
Settings -> Device Maintanance -> Battery. -> Battery Usage

(The idea behind that is if an app generates a lot of heat, it also uses a lot of energy to generate the heat, which should be visible under battery usage ).

I'm extremely interested in the apps that use too much battery Perhaps one of them is sneaky and for example mines cryptocurrency in the background (You never know )

After that I highly recommend to restart your phone after the screenshot is made, this closes most background apps.

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same here overheating about 10 times a day. cannot play any games for more then 20 minutes :-(

very dissapointing

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Mine is constantly overheating, even when it is locked for no reason. But not tried when it is so hot so dont know of it closing the youtube or any app.
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Mine also does this all the time. I cant charge it and have the maps going at the same time when driving, or have the maps and music playing. My s7 was way better


Yes my S9 plus continually overheats even just talking on it it nearly burns your ears, third phone after them sending refurbished replacements and exactly the same issue. Very very very dissatisfied after being loyal to Samsung for a long time. When out of contract I will be looking elsewhere .

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