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Samsung S9 G960FXXU6CSGD Dead Zone

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Hello, I've been having this issue for a while where first, My Screen Went Green and Glitchy where I could still see everything but it was in green colour and for some days I had the Brightness on Low to have it normal until it one day stopped and the Screen Looked Normal until about 0.5CM went unresponsive on the Upperpart so I couldn't pull down the Notification Bar and since then it had been spreading down to about 3 CM of unresponsive area. This is frustrating and annoying. I dropped my Phone about 11 Months ago and I got a crack on down right corner and had no problem with it for months. Anyone know why this is happening? I also can't seem to find my Model on the Internet. -- "G960FXXU6CSGD"


 Screenshot_20190831-171321_HwModuleTest.jpgScreenshot_20190903-224601_HwModuleTest.jpg    The one to the left is August 31 and the right one is September 03.

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Hi there, @Phoneman37


Sorry to see this is happening. The crack in the phone can sometimes affect the inner workings of the phone, which may make it 'seem' like nothing is wrong, but it could affect the phone in unseen ways! 


Best bet would be to pop into your local Samsung Support Centre to get this fixed. The engineers try to complete all the repairs the same day, so you shouldn't be without your phone for too long! 


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Alright thanks for the answer, I'll check. I guess the Digitizer will likely be the problem.

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