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Samsung QLED TV Free Phone Promotion


Does anyone have any information about these promotions please. I made a claim for a phone against a Qled TV. The claim was validated and then I had to wait 30 days for the phone.  There was no sign of the phone , so I emailed them and Im getting a  "Unfortunately we are suffering from a slight delay due to the popularity of the promotion" and are not commiting to say whether its going to be days or weeks.    Any one had a similar problem?  

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @alsunm.


Did you contact the Promoter’s customer service team at You can also call them on 0345 216 0057.


I am having the same problem, phoned them 4 times now and keep getting told we don't know when we will be able to send you your phone as Samsung have not sent the promotion  company them to send out.

It's a disgrace you buy the Samsung q8 and your told between 3 days & 30 days you will have your phone its 40 days now for me and many phone calls later and I am still waiting, it makes you wonder is it a con as no one wants to get involved and give the answers we are looking for,

1. when can we expect  it?  Don't Know

2. Why is a multi billion £ Company  like Samsung  not able to fulfil their obligations,  when they got my money ? Its Samsungs fault they never sent us the phones to send out.

3. Does Samsung really care about their customers? Yes but we can't send out what they have not give us.

4. Why is Samsung using your Company  to fulfill this promotion? Because they don't want the hassle


I am sick to the teeth with this and I am sorry I went for this promotion as it's been nothing but hassle.


Im still awaiting the samsung Phone. Have you had any response? (or better still ..received the phone!)


Still no phone, I really believe this could be a con the way things are going , I have phoned again and the email is just the same as the phone call , it's all Samsungs fault they have not sent the 3rd party who are running the promotion  for them the phones so they can't send them out, they have no idea when Samsung intends sending them the phones, maybe the staff in the promotion  company have got a phone each out of this deal and they are hoping we will go away. If and when I get it or I get another response I will inform you.

I also emailed Samsung direct to their complaints last week and I never received a reply just a generated reply to say they got my email and would be in contact within 24 hours , but hey they said the same about the phones we bought with the TV, if the wait much longer the phones will be out of date.




Yes same here,  3 phone calls and 5 emails in total and just being pushed forward every time.

  Difference is, Ive herd no mention of the 3rd party, as you have. I thought I was dealing with Samsung directly!

 Im not overly worried about not getting the phone as they have a legal obligation and it can be dealt with via trading standards. It would also be bad publicity if the story were to find its way onto , say ..watchdog (BBC).  However, their legal obligations need to be looked at in the first place before taking that avenue!

 Thanks for the info.  Ill also keep in touch if I get any more info.



I phoned this morning again to the promotion claim line, got a guy called George that has said they understand my disappointment  but they have no word from Samsung when they are going to supply the promotion  company with the phones owed to the customers, I ask George could he please check when i can expect my phone as it's no good telling me they will inform me when they are getting sent out, George said he will follow up with Samsung and phone me back and let me know the information  he gets, so it will be interesting to see weather to does return my call or was it just another way to get me off the phone?

I will let you know weather George keeps his word or not.




The phone arrived this morning, so it seems all good, from my end.

First Poster

Did you get an email saying the phone had been despatched alsunm? 


I also didnt know it was being dealt with by a 3rd party, just keep geting the same response when I email. 


no,I didnt get a notification , even though they said I would. I did however get a message by a courier service saying there was an item to be delivered ..DX delivery. However there was no way of knowing it was the phone!

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