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Samsung Note 9 Pie crashing my WiFi calls!

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So how can I fix the issue with this new update (Pie) crashing my Wifi calling? I live in a remote area and all of my calls must come in through Wifi while at home. Did I mention I also work from home? Yeah, super important that I can make my calls via Wifi.

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @badassessay 


What's happening when you try to make or receive a call? Is it not working at all or does it work some of the time?

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Same thing is happening to me!  My calls on wifi-calling are dropped when the phone automatically switches back to cell preferred. This has been happening since the new update. Going into the wifi calling settings and changing  it back to wifi preferred does not hing as it switches back with no warning. I also work from home and my mobile phone is my ONLY phone. I contacted my service provider and they said they had nothing to do with it and could not help solve the problem. They said this was a Samsung Issue.

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