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So i just want to know if i can change the color of the background because the normal color is really boring and I want to know if I can change the photo of the musics I mean the thumbnail of the songs because some doesn't even have so it's just gray so I just want to know if I can do that that would be very nice.

I got a s9+


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You maybe able to change colours by using a Samsung Theme from the Theme Store or try a different launcher such as Nova Prime as one example or try another music app @changhao


As far as I'm aware there isn't a preference setting within the app to change colour. 


I use that app too.   


In regards to Music Art it will depend on how you first aquired your music which will determine if the album art was already tagged to it. 


For example I put music on my Note 9 via my MacBook Air but if my music does not have the album art tagged to it the Samsung Music App will show it as your stating now. 



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