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Samsung Health instruction set up how to manage

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Hi can anyone help me understand how to set up my Samsung Health and share with a friend?



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Hi @AL2906


This may help you...


From Samsung smartphones/galaxy-note9-need-to-knows/s-health.


"To share your Steps Leaderboard with your friends and followers, select the Together tab from the Samsung Health home screen. Select Share (found in the top right side of the screen). Select the apps you wish toshare your leaderboard. "


" Tip > A person needs a Samsung Account before you can use the Samsung Health app. "



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Thank you I have done that, but I thought we would be able to interact with one anothers stats.

I was able to text my stat but nothing else, is that how it works?

Also when in the " Together" screen, I type my friends name in the bar but it says no friend available.

Could you possibly help me on that too?

Many Thanks


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Yes thku
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