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So basically. I had encrypted my 256 memory card to my galaxy S9. The charging port Got damaged and as my phone is still under warranty. I sent it off to Samsung for repairs. 

They fixed the problem but for some reason restored my phone in the process. 

Got it back today, insert my memory card. It's now saying "I need to insert the memory card in the device I used to encrypt the memory to Decrypt it before the data can shown" 

This is the device that I had used. 


Any help? 

AntS Moderator

Hi @SDcard.


A Factory Data Reset wipes any user-added encryption info/credentials from the device - so to all intents and purposes as regards SD Card encryption, it's a different device. Always advisable to decrypt SD Cards before sending your device for repair or doing a restore.


Wish I had better news for you. :(


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