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Welcome to the club of many......SAMSUNG have been utterly useless at solving or even admitting this issue exists aside from giving generic standard responses about SD card fault or anything that they can use to wipe their hands of the problem. We are all here with the same faults or similar with a SAMSUNG product. I'm so disappointed with SAMSUNG a little more attention or involvement and they would have a legion of fans because in all the product is good...but sorting out the small issues would make it great...COME ON SAMSUNG!


Odd. I got the same card you did and keep receiving the read/write error. Only when I drop down to my 32GB card do I not experience the error. This is clearly a firmware issue that Samsung is choosing to ignore. Pretty sad...

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I have the same problem as well. Works the first time after formatting. Then its next to impossible loading anything new. Can't do movies. Can only do music if I load one song at a time. 

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