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I'm having the same issue and there still isn't a solution from Samsung? Really? My pictures saved on my 64gb micro SD card are randomly inaccessible which is inconvenient to say the least. Especially when trying to share photos with family members I only get to see once in awhile that aren't technologically inclined (they're quite old.)


I've tried wiping the system cache, formatting my SD card, swapping SD cards, restoring my S9 to factory settings... nothing works.

Haven't read of many (any) others having problems with 64gb cards, might have missed them, all seem to be bigger SD cards..
This conversation first started back in March, so you'd think after 5 months Samsung would take a look / have an interest in this but unfortunately no, maybe they're hoping this will quietly dissapear.. 😂😂

I gave MY MONEY to buy this phone.......the notification sounds are waaaaaay to silent and the problem with the sd card...unbelivable stupitidy.

Why i have to search on the internet and why i have to spent MY hours fixing YOUR inability?

2 months old 64 Gb sd card all of a sudden stop working after 184625264891816373 notifications per day  about tranfering files to sd card.

After the latest update start to happened this.

I lost all of my files and photos because of YOU samsung!!!

Great answer to ANY post here..its like we talk to a wall here...



Is it so difficult for Samsung to fix that?


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Can the problem have something to do with the new Samsung that has the ability to read SD card up to 1 TB?


I've said it before, but someone needs to start a class action lawsuit. There are plenty of people who would join. Then they'd be forced to take action.


It's been a while since I've posted, so here's an update....


I haven't lost any data (that I've noticed) due to the SD card error so far, and I've had my phone since launch. However it does switch back and forth from saving to SD card and the phone itself, creating multiple "Camera" folders in the gallery. I normally just merge the 2 from time to time to tidy things up.


I've realized that (at least on my phone) the SD card errors mainly occur while charging (wether on my wireless charger on my nightstand, or via USB cable in my truck). I can't successfully replicate the results every time, but the only time I see it is during charging of some sort.


On a separate note, I've noticed a separate glitch with the camera shutter... If my phone stays on for prolonged periods of time without a restart, the camera app will lock up and the shutter will be half closed on one side. A quick restart will fix the problem. I normally restart my phone every couple of days now, and haven't seen that particular issue for over a month or so.



But anyways, I hate that everyone here is experiencing these issues with an otherwise fantastic phone. I hope they fix them soon, but they probably won't...



Take care everyone.


Me too !


I have never had a problem when charging. I also restart phone several times a week. My phone has done 2 new updates in the last week, one was for July from the info (really cuz I check for updates weekly due to the other problem with the S9 plus refusing to do automatic updates like it's supposed to REALLY REALLY HATE HATE HATE THIS PHONE). The last two times I lost photos I took the pictures showed them to daughter and friend tried to show them to someone 5 mins later they were gone. I have taken to backing up all file 3 to 4 times seperatly from this annoying thing. (So spent extra on phone with lots of memory why exactly) 

Now it has taken to telling me has no room to back up info, even after sending photos to computer (via email so dont have to deal with glitches on this ***$&$^#^:#: phone) bringing down the info by half cutting back on what it backs up ect. My last 3 phones with half the memory held more thank you. 

So continues the fun of buying this stupid thing. I also have used half a dozen different card different sizes brands and every trick or suggestion I've seen here. It still trashes every card put in it, at least it gives me a warning kind of now before trashes card but still cant keep photos on it Not if I wanna keep them that is.


I'm not sure  it I know my phone the limit for the card is 400. And some of the problems actually go back to the S8 from what I've been able to find. To begin with you couldnt find anything about it, even when you could it was only info about the error message some people get with the card. It took me forever and a few feedback and posts on multiple sites before I finally found others who were having the problem of phone claims card doesnt exist then corrupts card so it wont work or show up  in anything 

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