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Welcome to the club of many......SAMSUNG have been utterly useless at solving or even admitting this issue exists aside from giving generic standard responses about SD card fault or anything that they can use to wipe their hands of the problem. We are all here with the same faults or similar with a SAMSUNG product. I'm so disappointed with SAMSUNG a little more attention or involvement and they would have a legion of fans because in all the product is good...but sorting out the small issues would make it great...COME ON SAMSUNG!

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Odd. I got the same card you did and keep receiving the read/write error. Only when I drop down to my 32GB card do I not experience the error. This is clearly a firmware issue that Samsung is choosing to ignore. Pretty sad...

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I have the same problem as well. Works the first time after formatting. Then its next to impossible loading anything new. Can't do movies. Can only do music if I load one song at a time. 

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Same problem here, both the SD and camera issue :-(
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Same problem here. Sd and camera. 

I'm sadly afraid, that Samsung isn't able to solve this issue, because it has been a problem since the release of the phone.

I should have kept the 8 +.


Haha yeah you wouldn't believe how many times a week I wish for my s7 edge back.  The very few things I do like about this phone were same features that were already on the s7 edge. Plus it had a built in photo editor, you could actually use a memory card without it being destroyed, plus it kept the info and pictures that you store on it.  Plus had alot less problems with using apps while on wifi (most recent problem have to go through router cant use modem or apps wont load, or use mobile which I never do when at home) 


I am also having the same issue. My card moved from a Samsung Galaxy S7 (Which functioned perfectly fine) to an S9+. I decided I needed an upgrade so I purchased a Samsung 256 GB SDXC UHS-I card. I used the smart switch utility to back up my phone. while trying to restore, Smart switch failed. I finally got it to restore and although I have gotten no read errors, eventually pictures I take have seemed to corrupt (Become unreadable by the phone indicated by a grey icon with an exclamation point) and then after a reboot dissapear all together. My wife who has the S9 (Not plus) is experiencing the same issue with the same model card. I am very discouraged since the phone only has 64 gigs of memory and half of that is used by apps and the like. I can blow through that in no time. Please let us know how we can assist in getting this issue fixed! currently I cannot even back my pictures up to the cloud before it happens. which means I am losing precious moments of my children's life due to the performance of this phone. There is no amount of compensation that can reimburse the cost of these lost memories.  


Your best bet is to go into settings and reset all photos and files to the phone memory not the memory card. I only lose one once in a great while when using gallery on phone 5o save. I gave up using memory cards for it after I took about a dozen pics of my granddaughter  (not quite 6 mo.s at the time) falling asleep on my boyfriends shoulder, fighting it but he always gets her to sleep lol. Then went 5o show them to him and my daughter and all were gone.  After almost 20 mines of messing with it I somehow managed to save 2 (just not sure how lol) I have tried different sizes brands, some work for awhile some are messed up almost instantaneously..  Before I realized what was going on I lost pics (some of my parents before they died, Som3 my mom had found old photos taken pics w her phone and sent them to me, then I sent them to new phone. Hoping the oldest phone still has dome of them. Luckily since I'm not a super trusting of newer tech, I had copied most files music and almost all the photos to a second phone the cloud and was able to save alot of the rest using X-plore app, including a couple movies I had saved on phone. But I no longer save anything to memory card on this phone unless backed up to at least 2 other places. I know d3fetes the purpose of having card (which is why I havent  put new one in here in 6 months

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Sorry to hear about your troubles. I use Google fotos and sync my phone to that. So now I'm worried to hear, that you were loosing pictures! May have to check if I have lost some in Google fotos.
I wonder when Samsung would admit, that they have a problem and do something about it!

Thank you for the Tips Ms_Tony! Hopefully Samsung can get this worked out. It is a shame. They make such quality products a lot of the time. I thought for sure I found a ringer. I guess everyone makes mistakes but dang man. Fix them!

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