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Edit:: Why should we keep purchasing new sd cards every time??

I had a 128 gb ScanDisk card in my first s9+ bút I smashed the screen and got a replacement phone. I had the error message with the first phone but no real issues though. When I put the card into the replacement phone it was fine for a while but one day the whole phone froze which was unusual as it never happened. I had to power it off and restart it. When it started the error message came up and baaaammmmm next day it didn't recognize my card anymore. 

I changed it to a Samsung 64gb card a couple of days ago and no problems whatsoever yet. 

Not looking foward to putting my Sandisk in my S9 now, will be honest, somehow I've never had the error messages but had my sd card corrupted and lost pics/vids etc.. No issues with my 64gb card, just the issue of filling it!!
For me it was the opposite. I always got the error messages but not one file or pic was corrupted. Then one day it just some pics got corrupted and then they same evening the phone froze ....then the card was fried.
I am hoping with the Samsung 64gb card it won't happen again.
You should try it and see what happens. Other this strange error message and corrupting files/pictures it is still a spectacular phone though. It's a shame Samsung didn't address the problem.

Yep, totally agree, it's a great phone that I'm more than happy with.. Just a shame (major understatement) that Samsung haven't done anything about this when it is now affecting the S10 as well! 

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