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S9 wifi internet may not be available.

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Same problem here.  My family has 2 ipads, 2 kindles, 2 S7's, 2 Nest Cams, Chamberlain garage door, 1 Roku TV and a Chromecast device - NONE of which have problems.

I get an S9+ through Spectrum Mobile (up to date on software), and it cannot, CANNOT, stay on my Orbi mesh network (router and one satellite - both up to date on firmware).  The 2.4 and 5 are named the same (by design) and the phone just bounces back and forth all day long between the 2.4 to 5, and in the meanwhile uses data when struggling with wifi.


My other phones don't even see 2 networks, just one.  The S9+ displays the network twice.


Specturm is no help.  Samsung is no help.  Netgear was no help.

So frustrating.

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I have 4 Samsung phones at home: S9, two A5 and J7pro. All of them have the same problem with 5g router. The only solution that works - assigning static IP. Other devices I have - Xaomi and Lenovo don't have this problem. 


Correction: checked again - J7pro has no such a problem , just 3 other phones. 


I was also facing the same issue. After that I have tried several methods to fix the issue and now my Internet is working perfectly fine. I have tried methods given here -


So, try each method one by one and the problem will be solved.


I was also facing the same issue. After that I have tried several methods to fix the issue and now my Internet is working perfectly fine. So, try each method one by one and fix Wifi connected but no Internet access problem by yourself.

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This worked for me, thanks!


This is a fix that Samsung advised me to do.


Reset wifi by going to general management, reset, reset network setting,s and re-entering the wifi password.


Now it is all ok again.


This did not fix mine. I still have the "Internet may not be available" message. :(

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Thanks guys for your comments! i read the whole community report. Samsung should take things seriously. It's started to p****d me off. Ain't fanboys anymore. i experiment this issue as well and tried everything to figure out. Even a hard reset. The issue started after the pie update if i remember. I'm exhausted and frustrated with samsung s**t!

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Same here ! Appart from completely resetting the phone : I've tried everything ! 

Solution #1: Force reboot

Solution #2: Refresh the system cache

Solution #3: Forget wifi network/s

Solution #4: Reset network settings

Solution #5: Connect to wifi while on safe mode


I've even resetted and fooled around with my router(s!), security, not security ...  laptops work fine on wifi, i've tried the Static IP trick, to no avail ! :-( 


I am completely out of options now ! 


Right now :  i'm going out to Tim Horton'S and friends house to see if it works there ...  



What else have you got Samsung to me me rage against this DAMNED PHONE !?!?!?!?!?  
(cause wifi not working is CERTAINLY NOT the only downside of that abobination of a phone !!!)

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I had the same problem, but remembered that I had changed the settings in Private DNS. Set it back to automatic, and wifi works fine.

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