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S9+ super slow mode

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Super slow mo is terrible nothing like it is on the advert. Was a major reason I got this phone and I will be returning it if it isn't fixed asap


I have the same issue. What did you do to resolve this? Im from Philippines also. Thanjs


The only solution is better light, and a lot. 960fps is a lot of frames per second.  So not enough light will come through indoors, most of the time. Go outside and record a bird, or a car driving by, and it will look great. 


Seriously, look up the X-men Movie, days of futures past, and look for how they did they did the scenes for quicksilver. They had SO MUCH light on him that they had to actually take breaks because it got to hot. 


This is is a common issue with slow motion. Some cameras are definitely better than others, but the only real fix is to have proper lighting. 


Good luck. 




Easy way to demonstrate the light needed.

960 frames in 1 second

Means shutter of 1/960


Put camera in pro mode.

Now choose shutter of 1/1000.

That's the problem right there... light.


With massive light tho, you can create wonderful things..



Exactly right.   I had found an animation online to show someone how slow motion works. Once they saw the process, they understood... and ended up making some really awesome vids. 😊

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Hi did u got any replies fro. Samsung about the blurry and dark slow motion camera?

I just watched a super slo mode video my friend posted on fb and it is so crystal clear, you can see every drop of water in the pool!  It's awesome!

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