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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call



When you started the phone the first time, did you setup it as fresh or restored any backups?


I'm on G965FXXU1BRF5 now since a week or so and still have these call issues. My wife is pregnant with 6 weeks left and it takes 15 minutes of trying before we can have a normal phone call... 


Tired of this phone... It is awesome but I can't even make a phone call or get called.


Also when I make a video and press stop, I am stuck in the camera app for a long time. Phone is useless in that time. WTF samsung?

Oh btw, I have the dual sim S9+ with 256GB (for which I waited extra long to get)

Should I have performed a factory reset? I also hate doing this: waste of time, plus you never get your phone back in the same state, you are always missing something.

I can not run at all VoLTE. Well, I undestend if VoLTE is activate or deactivated . I can not undestend why this option on mine S9+ BRE5 is missing? This option is not visible. 



If GSM operator did not allow this feature on my SIM, then option must be disable and still visible. 






Which country is not part of regulatory asociated with call record feature?


Had so many issues initially with the calls going silent mid call... Last 2 months it was fixed... But last 2 days the dreaded silence comes back mid call. Very poor from samsung


Build *****brf8

Band *****BRF5

Network type: G2 and G3 only


VoLTE: option is not visible at all in configuration - FAILED (If I do not use G4 still I need to see this option as disable)

Call record: option/button is not visible at all when recive GSM call - FAILED

WiFi: Before BRF5 randomly wifi lose internet now work perfect - PASS

Phone call problems - PASS ( not have a single problem )

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Im having the same problem had the phone 2 weeks problem started the ween i got it nw as tokd its the network which it clearly isnt as i put my sim in my old phone n was working fine demand a nee phone as yoyrs will be faulty 

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Bumping this topic in case it's not already 137 pages in deep, oh wait...

Samsung needs to fix this. I have an S9 on T-Mobile network that sounds underwater when I'm on speakerphone. Tried finnicking with the settings; didn't work. Waited for software updates; didn't work. Called Samsung and they told me how to clear cache for the phone and then reboot; didn't work.


Samsung, please help.

"sounds underwater" bug - AGREE!!!

I am not 100% sure but I thing lattes update BRF8 fix this issue.
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