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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call



does anyone has this problem can''t see the last update info ? it's greyed out


i have samsung s9 dual sim 256gb neverlocked


this is my last update here in romania


I have S2, S4, S8 and S9.


My S4 have call sound/mic - mute problems. I need to restart  my phone and after that I am able to make calls with sound/mic on my S4. I do not have single problem with S2 and S8. I hope Samsung to unfreeze S4 development and to relase some fixes for S4.


Also, I hope Samsung to relase stable ROM for S9 and then I will use my SIM. I do not want to miss important calls.

I will wait for 100% confirmation from Samsung.


some times on my s9 dual 256gb neverlocked not losing call no audio problem but...the call ends for no reason after some time ..this does not happen all time ...for ex some times after 5 min or 56min

i have last updates did perform full reset ..wipe cache
does anyone has some official response from samsung ? any time fix for good ?
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Yes I'm having the same problem wondering should I switch to Iphone

what kind of problems do you still have ??

My problems are related with Galaxy S4 I9505. Sometime when I recive phone call microphone and sound are muted. The workorund is only restart. If I did not restart the phone then for the next call problem remain. This often is happing for example if I go to new city or change region or simple if I go underground.

I have S2 and go underground or often change cityies and not have a single call problem.

This bug is from the day one on my S4.

but on s9 ?



From the ones you've had this audio issue, is it happening on both single and dual sim models?

Also when you did the first phone setup or after complet reset did you set it up as fresh or from a Samsung backup and did you had Google Backup activated for apps and settings?



Morning all, how's everyone doing? Luckily, I've not had any issues since the original proper fix back in early may. 


But to answer your question, i have a single sim phone and it was a normal update, did not need to reset phone or anything. Done the update and it started working. And the phone has been awesome ever since.


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