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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


I bought a Samsung S9 online. I'm based in UK but bought it from an online company based in Hong Kong. The phone cuts out intermittently when I'm talking to people. I can't hear anything they are saying for up to 10 seconds and sometimes they can't hear me. Highly frustrating and unacceptable when I have paid so much money for a new phone. The company I have purchased it have advised me to perform a factory reset followed by a hard reset via recovery mode. Has anyone tried this and found it to solve the problem? I'd be interested to hear from anyone that has managed to rectify this issue. It would be nice if Samsung would actually acknowledge there is a problem too.


I did a factory reset yesterday and the problem persists. From reading all the forums about it there doesn't seem to be a solution at present. 


Does anyone actually know people who have a samsung S9 that doesn't have this problem?!


That is a very pertinent question!


I have an s9 plus dual SIM bought from Samsung uk direct. I have the issue and it's gotten worse for the past few days. I have changed sims and even network providers and the problem persists. I'm sorry Samsung but this is not acceptable,  I have been touting this phone as the best on the market but it can't even do the basics like make a call!


I will be submitting error log next time I make a call as it happens 100% whether I'm making or receiving calls. 


I am from the UK on EE, have an S9+ and have been experiencing the same audio & mic cut out during calls like everybody else on here.  Both the audio and mic would cut out during calls for 5 to 10 seconds before returning back to normal. Happens very randomly and sometimes multiple times during a call.


Iknow of another S9 user and an S9+ user that have been experiencing the exact same problem.


As like everyone else on here, the last software update did not rectify the problem, nor did changing my S9+ for a brand new device. Still experiencing the same problem on the new device as well.


I wanted to post on here so Samsung understand the extent of their problem and how many users it is effecting.


I do believe it is a software issue and the fact that they released a software update trying to rectify a "call stability" issue makes me believe they think it's a software issue also.


So hopefully Samsung investigate this issue thoroughly and issue a further update very soon which fixes the problem once and for all.


I can't believe that STILL Samsung haven't acknowledged this as an issue?


I returned my third handset for a refund but am still following this closely to see when this issue gets sorted. I feel for you all, I truly do. 8 was lucky that I still had my S8+ and it is working perfectly. So the issues I was having with the S9+ are most definitely NOT a network issue as Samsung were previously telling me. 


I also can't believe that there's not more outrage on twitter or other places on the Web? There's too many of us for all over the globe for this to be just a dodgy batch of phones OR a network issue.


I believe there's a serious issue and Samsung are too scared to own up to it. It's absolutely unacceptable at this point. 


I'm finding myself getting angry seeing the advertising of this "Great phone". For it to be a phone, one needs to make calls that don't have a cut out for 5-10seconds per call!???



Explorer - I dont know why people are not raising issues on twitter but people I request you to got to this tweet and retweet or comment and tag Samsung on each of your comment so that atleast they see our tweets and acknowledge the issue. 


Hi everyone,


Is anyone here who using the snapdragon version of S9/S9+ having the same issue ? Or the call drop is only happen to Exynos version ? Snapdragon available for only US and China.


I am on the Snapdragon version in the US. Same issue.

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