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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call

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s9 dual Sim

Updated to latest version

Three UK

was showing symptoms after update w/o reset


progress after hard reset and clear cache:


only had a few shorter sub 10 min calls today but so far no pauses/cutting out.


got a long drive tomorrow so will call mum (she's 80 and rambles) and see if a longer call causes it to manifest still.


S9 plus dual, Romania, Vodafone/Digi, 48 hours after ARD 4 update, no call drop and no silence on call (without hard reset or clear cache).


Did a factory reset last night on s9 on 02 uk. Downloaded new updates etc... 2 calls this morning already had the silence issue... so the latest ARD update has not fixed the issue.


Very strange. Did you restore old backup and data? 


did a factory re set and thereafter it got all my data from my google drive backup - 

I'm on o2 UK and there isn't an update yet so I don't think you've updated the fix yet ..... all those saying a hard reset sorts it may be experiencing better calls but it certainly isn't the fix on all phones

I was going off this article which said it was a new update- but hey ho if it is not...


Just have to continue to live with a phone that does not work 50% of the time.

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need to do wipe data/factory reset after update

Yes did that too.. same's just not designed to make calls
I'm on ARD4 since 1st of May with factory reset and wipe data, never more silences since that day. Very strange man :/
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