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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


@Yusufvali wrote:

Spoken like a true samsung plant. Can't believe you have such low expectations after spending so much money on a phone that cannot make calls.


The point about other companies. Well any issues apple has with their phones their customers can go to any number of thousands of apple stores.... samsung on the other hand has a handful of stores which in the UK are franchised stores and not linked to anything samsung related... so having the stores is pointless. So the point about apple is not correct. Plus apple have much more customer service staff than samsung.. so can deal with issues quicker and in a timely manner.


The reason that samsung are not saying anything is due to the fact they are still advertising the hell out of the phone so they can con more people into buying it.


Tech websites have been slow to report, but an Israeli company has filled a law suit against them..... so things are happening.


Quite why you seem so happy with a faulty product I am not sure about. I would not mind if it was a cheap phone but it is not, and the basic function should work.





Hah!  I have actually been with LG for the last 5 years. This is my first Samsung phone since I had the S2. So shows how much insight your reply has. Anyway I'm not trying to stir things up or create a fight, I'm just telling you how it is. This is how things are in the real world, if you're going to get this upset over things having faults after full well knowing that it will, then you're going to be upset all of the time.


It's not about low expectations or standards, it's just the reality. We can then choose whether we want to spend so much money on these phones.


Honestly, I actually thing Samsung have done pretty well to get this fixed, if it has actually been fixed, plus I probably don't make as many phone calls as you people, so I'm not been that bothered.  There's still the black crush issue though, but thats merely a slight nuisance than anything else.


You can go anywhere else and I guarantee you that you will experience the same issue. If you want to stop it, then stop buying phones on release day for £800+


First of all I know how things are in the real world. I'm in my late 50's and worked in Tech for over 30 years. So seen a fair bit of the real world.

Secondly, noboby buys anything knowing it will have faults. Especially such a basic fault. You buy something expecting it to have been tested for basic functionality and to be fit for purpose. 

But I think you and I plus many others will never agree on what is acceptable. I hope all my future customers are as easily pleased and have such low expectations because then they will be happy as a pig in s*** when things work!


How am I supposed to know that you have an LG phone ? Such a silly thing to say.

You cannot guarantee the same experience with other brands. Not sure which real world you live in but it's def not the real world. In the real world you advertise a phone so that it's main function is to make calls should work. How do people full well know that products will have faults at launch? Again such a silly thing to say. If we full well knew that would mean samsung would advertise these problems at launch... which obviously they did not do. People are upset here as the basic function does not work, and samsung response is pathetic..... show me an iPhone or other phone that cuts out for 10 to 20 secs on calls ? It does not happen. Think you need to start living in the real world. Def a samsung plant or some kind of person associated with samsung. PORSCHE don't sell a car which don't drive. Rolex don't sell watches which don't tell the time.

As you don't make much calls that's why it does not really matter to you, but as soon as the camera or whatever you use the ***** thing for stops working you will be here complaining

Anyone in the UK on vodaphone received the update yet? I'm still waiting....


Unlocked, Portugal. No update yet.


Okay, well name me any tech product from the last 5 years that hasn't had a fault?


Go on, I'll wait.


See you don't understand. We're talking basic functionality. 

As someone said before. A car whose engine works. A watch that tells the time. A tv that has a picture. 

I can name a phone that can't make a phone call! 

Not play games. Or watch YouTube cat videos. But make a call


As I said. We will never agree so both wasting battery! At least that works I suppose! 

Have a good evening. 


Most tech items which are produced  for one thing work for that particular thing. Again such a silly comment .... if your happy with the product not sure why you are here. Go to a " I love samsung website even if their products don't  work" !!!




What is the Black Crush issue please? 

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