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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


Any idea why Samsung is not a serious company?! Not saying that I am satisfied with the still existing problem for the DBT firmware. I guess there's even more than publishing a single firmware. As you can see... the list of existing countries is still growing... every day. We have to wait a view more hrs/days to be satisfied, at the end of the day


Some serious lack of patience displayed by done users in this forum .. most likely from the younger users. We all know the risks of buying the first batch of any electronic device. Name any major tech release in recent times that have gone flawlessly? .. Go on, I'll wait.  You know the first batch will have bugs and issues, that's the risks that come with proclaiming to be one of the first owners of the device.  Do why is everyone throwing their toys out the pram when, true to form, bugs have arisen? Especially when they are in fact solving them. Bug fixing isn't an easy task especially across a complex market like Europe. Or would you rather they push out a release early that's not fully tested and still buggy? .. So let's just so pull our panties up and just wait, it will come.


Sorry, maybe you buy a device at 950 Euros to do beta tests, not me.


Sorry mate but i think one and a half month is a long long time for a an issue like this. People have paid good amount for this device and the issue is with the primary function that is to make calls. We all know bug fixing is not easy and I'm sure Sansumg must be having a hard time, but the way they have handled this issue is unacceptable to me as a customer. If someone is being impatient then they have a valid reason fr it. We know panicking wont help and we are all patiently waiting because at this moment we don't have a choice.


Nothing to worry about or even to discuss. It's your and for sure every personal opinion/chance/action to get rid of this beautiful device. I am also pissed off! Using the device for business purposes. So it's quite hard for me to use a standard functionality... 

We have not Many Good alternatives in Android..maybe g7 now but not 6gigs of ram everywhere no super slo-mo no Amoled no stereo speakers...Just waiting for the fix which is not already in unlocked variant but also branded..imagine im on cc update now so 2 updates ahead...

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Well I understand the impatience but it's surely coming to UK as well seeing it's now in many European countries. The most important thing is to know that so far the fix ard4 seems working fine. It will come everywhere in some days week


Exactly. Had I known 2 weeks ago that others on here had the fix and it was just a matter of waiting I would have been very happy. It was the not knowing that was very frustrating. At times I was convinced it would take several months. The update is out there. It fixes the problem and the calls are flawless. It's worth the wait. 


Fix for the UK next Thursday so I've been told. Another week *****


Fix in the UK next Thursday so I've heard. Another week of embarrassment. 


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Hi guys


My phone number 4 has arrived but it looks like this new update has not hit the UK yet?


I'm going to test this one out as much as I can today on phone calls 


Please god let this phone not drop out


Good luck Mr Charles:smileyhappy:



So...the question is? 


Does phone number 4 work?


Watch to find out 😋

Can I just guess and say, no it doesn't? 

Gosh darn it you're right☹


I just hope the update comes soon I'm bursting to make a happy video...c'mon Samsung we need this fix please

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